I am a wife, mother, neo-urban homesteader, trendsetter and a tireless creator of new ideas and products. I joined Instagram and helped jumpstart the food art revolution and more importantly vegetable art. I created Pepper Art® and was given my Pepper Art® Queen name by my fans for showcasing my love of grilling, smoking a variety of food, creating new recipes, plating skills and aray of Art.  I use this platform to show all things Pepper Art® and the lifestyle I love.  I use Instagram as my gallery, Facebook for my information medium, and my website is tying all of my platforms together.

 In 2015 I created the “PutuporShutup” platform in order to encourage canning and sharing of other members creativity.

 I love creating hashtags and some of my favorites are:


In 2017 I started a local food blog to share my love for food and all my NC drink finds. I grew up in the kitchen with my Mom teaching us to cook, bake and passing down 5th generation recipes. We use to have baking parties throughout my school years were we baked cookies, decorated cakes and enjoyed the Holiday Spirit. I love the creating, presentation and plating of food in an artistic manner. I like to discover hidden gems and showcase their food. I have been blessed to be invited to attend events where I am meeting the people behind the food. I have greatly enjoyed this aspect of food blogging.

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